355 memories  

Can the past be reconstructed? Do memories have an order? 

Milja Laurila’s book 355 Memories in two volumes is a very personal work in which the artist tries to recapture the wiped-out memories of her childhood. Photographs taken in different times are combined, blending into each other and building up into a fragile story, a jigsaw puzzle made of disconnected memories. In the fictional text 355 memories Milja Laurila puts her individual memories in sequence. She attempts the impossible: to write down everything she remembers, starting from number one. 

Published in 2008 by Musta Taide (Helsinki)

Texts by Milja Laurila and Hannele Rantala

Softcover, 80 pages in two volumes

19 x 12,5 cm

ISBN 978-952-9851-95-9

12 € plus shipping

Available in English, Finnish and French